Deep Listening: Working My Way Through My Collection

It's a dirty little secret amongst collectors. Many of us don't listen to the records that we buy. Oh, we listen to them. But we don't L-I-S-T-E-N to them. When we get a new album we throw it on the table, play it through, read the liner notes, snap a few pictures, share them, add it to our Discogs... Continue Reading →


Where did the year go?

2015 started with a lot of hope and optimism for me as far as my return to blogging went. I had just come off a pretty popular post opining on Peter Hook/New Order that got a mention from Hooky in The Guardian. But life got in the way and my attention waned. I'm not a... Continue Reading →

Tour Riders: The Real Dirt

We all have heard the rumours of artists' extravagant demands for their dressing rooms from liquor selection to snacks to decor. Most of them seem pretty self-indulgent but Van Halen proved that there is a method to the madness in certain cases. Watch the video below to get the full scoop on why they included the "no... Continue Reading →

Best of 2014 Sampler: Sleaford Mods

Equal parts The Streets, Blur, and The Fall, the UK's Sleaford Mods made a bit of a breakthrough in 2014. The heavy accented rapping about all manner of things over UK indie beats is a winner in our books. Seek out and enjoy. Tied Up In Nottz

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