Working Through It: Mates of State – Mountaintops

I had picked up on the Mates of State on their prior album, Re-Arrange Us. It caught my attention but I didn't love it. But it was good enough that I started looking into their back catalogue and keeping an eye on their future. In case you don't know them, Mates of State is a... Continue Reading →


Classic Album: Galaxie 500 “Today”

Timeless. Graceful. Powerful. These words have all been used to describe Galaxie 500's debut album Today. Made in a "shed" in Massachussets in 1988, Today followed up on the promise of Galaxie 500's first release, a 45 version of "Tugboat". The group formed in Boston, MA, in 1986 and comprised vocalist/guitarist Dean Wareham, bassist Naomi Yang... Continue Reading →

Am I addicted? I don't think so. At least I haven't missed a mortgage payment yet.

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