Video Vault: Dylan does “Jokerman” on Letterman in ’84

An absolutely crushing version of Jokerman with Dylan backed up by some real rock dudes out of the late 70’s. Love it.



Video Vault Spotlight: The Inbreds

Through the fog of time (aided by major media), our memory of the roster of 90’s indie has shrunk to a very small number of bands. As someone who lived through it, I can tell you that there were many, many twists, turns, offshoots, and outposts of indie music at the time. The great thing about the time was that all styles could coexist without impacting the space-time continuum.

One of the bands that neatly fit into a feeling is Halifax (Nova Scotia) by way of Kingston (Ontario) band, The Inbreds. A two piece long before the White Stripes, singer/bassist Mike O’Neill and drummer Dave Ullrich played sweet, melancholoy, mid tempo lo fi indie as well as anyone at the time. Think Sebadoh, Sloan, Hayden.

And now, some videos:

New Sounds: Panda Bear’s “Boys Latin”

Panda Bear (Animal Collective member Noah Lennox) is back with a typically reverb-laden harmonious earworm with “Boys Latin”. From the outside it would be easy to dismiss this music as hipster pot head mood music. But the fact that my young kids love it as much as their straight edge dad would prove you wrong. It’s just good.

Best of 2014 Sampler: Future Islands’ “Seasons”

Landing at the top of NME’s top 50 singles is Baltimore’s Future Island’s. Much of its buzz came from the band’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Lead singer Samuel Herring’s Captain Kirk meets Terry Malloy meets Ian Danzig performance thrilled the Internet as well as crusty Letterman. Whether they do anything else in the future or not, they’ll always have this.