UK Indie – Building a Better Playlist

I recently watched the BBC4 documentary Music for Mistfits: The Story of Indie. While the three part series covers oft-told stories, the effect of viewing them as a group under the indie banner is really satisfying. It also fills some gaps with bands and songs that often didn’t get play outside of the UK. With that bounty of new-to-me material, I set out to create a great big playlist. Enjoy!


Deep Listening: Working My Way Through My Collection

It’s a dirty little secret amongst collectors. Many of us don’t listen to the records that we buy. Oh, we listen to them. But we don’t L-I-S-T-E-N to them.


When we get a new album we throw it on the table, play it through, read the liner notes, snap a few pictures, share them, add it to our Discogs collection, take it off the platter, put it back into the sleeve, drop it all into a vinyl outer sleeve, and slide it into storage — never to be played again!


But I’m all about second chances and taking on causes. In an effort to actually better enjoy my collection instead of simply growing it, I’m going to devour each and every title in my collection and share my thoughts on this blog.  My goal is to do a new record (at least) every week. Let’s see if this mission works out any better than all of my others.


New Sounds: Panda Bear’s “Boys Latin”

Panda Bear (Animal Collective member Noah Lennox) is back with a typically reverb-laden harmonious earworm with “Boys Latin”. From the outside it would be easy to dismiss this music as hipster pot head mood music. But the fact that my young kids love it as much as their straight edge dad would prove you wrong. It’s just good.

Best of 2014 Sampler: Future Islands’ “Seasons”

Landing at the top of NME’s top 50 singles is Baltimore’s Future Island’s. Much of its buzz came from the band’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Lead singer Samuel Herring’s Captain Kirk meets Terry Malloy meets Ian Danzig performance thrilled the Internet as well as crusty Letterman. Whether they do anything else in the future or not, they’ll always have this.