Video Vault Spotlight: The Inbreds

Through the fog of time (aided by major media), our memory of the roster of 90’s indie has shrunk to a very small number of bands. As someone who lived through it, I can tell you that there were many, many twists, turns, offshoots, and outposts of indie music at the time. The great thing about the time was that all styles could coexist without impacting the space-time continuum.

One of the bands that neatly fit into a feeling is Halifax (Nova Scotia) by way of Kingston (Ontario) band, The Inbreds. A two piece long before the White Stripes, singer/bassist Mike O’Neill and drummer Dave Ullrich played sweet, melancholoy, mid tempo lo fi indie as well as anyone at the time. Think Sebadoh, Sloan, Hayden.

And now, some videos:


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