Collector’s Corner: Amoeba Records’ “What’s In My Bag” Web Series

Collecting can be a solitary pursuit. In 2014, the experience for collectors of music and films is about as isolating as it gets. In a world when you can get any song, album, movie, or TV show in digital format with a few clicks of the mouse via streaming sites, or download (often for free if you are so inclined), it’s difficult to explain to others why you must have your media in a physical format. But take heart — you are not alone.

Amoeba Records’ video web series on YouTube “What’s In My Bag” captures the fun — and sometimes the thrill — of the hunt in a massive record/cd/dvd/book/stuff store. In each episode a musician, actor, director, or artist is given a stipend and tasked with filling their bag with whatever they desire. In the best of the videos, you get a sense of the artist’s interests and influences as well as a bunch of new things to check out. In the worst of them, you understand exactly how pretentious/shallow/empty some “artists” can be.

Here is a cross section. Enjoy!:

Questlove of The Roots

Kliph Scurlock, former Drummer for The Flaming Lips

Fred Armisen of SNL, Portlandia

Duran Duran

Lemmy of Motorhead


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